Saturday, July 18, 2009

Where's the Light Switch?

I find that when I go back and read things that I have written in the past, there are so many different opinions and thoughts because I haven't truly changed my mind set on the particular idea, person, concept, etc. I know I want to be healthy. It's something I have said for years now. I also know I need to have a certain perspective on food. I'm a vegetarian for goodness sakes - I realize what I'm consuming and why I consume it. I'm aware that the Standard American Diet (SAD) shouldn't be my norm.

On the weekends, I go from planned out meals/snacks to pre-made, processed or fast food. I go from healthy to junk very quickly. I rarely eat breakfast and I consume big meals instead of smaller ones with snacks. I do try getting outside more often, but some times I just hole myself up inside. Trust me, I don't look forward to going to work most days, but I do look forward to the routine that it allows me to have when it comes to food.

Today was a day filled with eating out and not eating too well. I had absolutely nothing to eat at home today. I ate a cheese quesadilla with sour cream, a pickle and Lay's classic chips for lunch. Then I had a little ice cream. Luckily, I was able to go to Mongolian BBQ for dinner and get tofu with lots of good veggies, but even then - I shared a brownie, chocolate, carmel, ice cream dessert with my friends. It's much better than eating it alone, but that's seriously all I ate today. It wasn't a healthy way to go. It was filled with animal products. I didn't go over my calories by too much - but they were mostly just empty, fatty calories to begin with.

My goal is to change my mind. Everyone around me knows that when I set my mind on something - I'm going to do whatever it is that my mind is set on. It's just finding that switch that needs to be flipped.

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