Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Previous weight: 260lbs
Current weight: 260lbs
Weight lost: 0lbs

Wow - I can't believe it! I'm very happy that I didn't have a gain this weekend. It just goes to show that you can enjoy/treat yourself some times without having to worry about the negative consequences/regret. I obviously didn't lose any weight - but at least I haven't had a gain yet.

Beyond all that - today has been a day of thought and exploration. Exploring ideas for my future. I had a very nice walk and talk with my sister today. It helps to be able to get things out some times - no matter how weird they may be. Yay! for today and hopes for a good loss next week!

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Crystal said...

When you think about it, maintaining your weight loss is just as important as actually losing the weight. It doesn't necessarily feel as good/exciting, but it's still really important when trying to achieve long term health. Way to go!