Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Training - Day 3 - Weigh In

Previous weight: 259lbs
Current weight: 256lbs
Weight lost: 3lbs

I'm not sure what happened this week - but like weeks in the past, I have gotten the 3lb weight loss. I log all of my food on a daily basis with I'm wondering if I'm not eating enough to lose weight. I went over my 1,500 calories most of the days this week and averaged 2,000 a day. I even ate ice cream last night and STILL lost 3lbs. I'm very happy that my body is working with my efforts!

My plan is to see if there are any patterns with the calories I eat and the weight lost. My body may be telling me that I need to eat more calories to actually lose weight. 2,000 will still be a reduction from what I was eating before AND I am eating the healthier foods I want in my body.

So yay me! for a job well done this week. I'm learning my body as I go along and that's great too. :)

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