Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Back to Work

I had a rough night's sleep. I was tossing and turning most of the night. I fell asleep late and paid for it all night. I'm blogging early tonight so I can get to bed after my laundry is finished. My work day today was busy and I found myself completely unsatisfied with my place of employment. Oh well - at least I have a job, right? :)

Besides all that junk - I ate well today! I did go over my calories today by less than 100. I would say that's a lot better than the 1,000 I went over most days this weekend. I ate some needless calories, but I'm pleased with my eating today.

I also was able to go walking during my work break. It did make my day go better after I was able to talk to my sister a little bit and walk it off. I did some fast and slow walking, but walked for the majority of my break. I felt good about the exercising I did today as well.

I highly doubt any of this is going to be good enough to lose weight tomorrow. I'm disappointed in myself. I wish I did a better job this week and weekend. It's good motivation to do better each day and prioritize myself and activities.

So good night friends - lets see what tomorrow brings!

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Crystal said...

Yeah, walking is really good. I walked today with Jenn. She said she's trying to have a new outlook on life and not be so stressed out. She seems to be happier. :)