Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Training - Day 2

Today was an awful, horrible day overall. I had to take a video and picture of myself for our training today and I looked like a horribly obese person with fat hanging out everywhere. My voice sounded weird to myself - as if there was fat surrounding my vocal cords preventing me from speaking clearly. I cried privately after seeing myself. I know I'm doing very well making this lifestyle change and I'm happy that I decided this was right for me. I was just shocked to see what I really am and not who I think I am when looking into a mirror.

I went over my calories, but I can't say that I really cared. I know I ate healthy today for the most part and wanted to enjoy a nice ride this evening as well as enjoying some delicious ice cream. It's my life to live and that's what I wanted to do tonight. I guess the scale will be my indicator on what these extra calories are doing to me tomorrow. *shrugs* I feel good about myself and choices this week. I did walk yesterday and today - so that makes me feel good too.

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