Saturday, July 25, 2009


This is a story about today that makes me glad that I'm poor. I went out to a late lunch/dinner with a friend. We decided to go to Red Robin - a burger restaurant. I haven't been there in quite some time and when going - would usually order fried cheese sticks and a chocolate malt with my burger. I chose to do the same today without previously looking at calorie information.

I had eaten very little today prior to this - thank goodness. I still went over my calories by A LOT. I ate half the burger and half the cheese sticks, but enjoyed the whole malt and fries. I took my leftover burger and another thing of fries home. The burger meat was substituted with a boca patty, but it didn't make much difference when the calories were out of this world!

I won't be eating there any time soon as I know I'm going to want the same thing and it's just outrageous! I guess it's a good thing that I'm limited to certain restaurants/food because I'm a vegetarian and I'm poor. Makes me want to stick to food around the house!

Tomorrow I'm going to an outdoor get-together (BBQ) that is vegetarian aware/friendly. My immediate family have been the only people to accommodate me and it's nice to make friends that are like that as well. It's very bothersome when you're invited to get-togethers or BBQs where people just blatantly don't care and even say so. Doesn't make me want to be a part/feel truly invited to their event.

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