Monday, July 6, 2009

My Birthday - cont 2!

Today was the day for the family birthday BBQ. I have to say it has been a nice birthday weekend! :D It's always fun to have those. But it was full of food and empty calories. More cupcakes, leftovers and calorie filled BBQ items such as potato salad. My body doesn't even know what to do with all the junk I have eaten. I don't eat many animal products on a daily basis, but this weekend was filled with them. I'm going to attempt to do the best I can starting tomorrow (even though I don't have to work). I'm going to mow the lawn, eat better - even though I may have my last cupcake - and make sure my week is set for good (healthy) eating!

I have also noticed this weekend that I go with the flow of eating. If someone has a cupcake - I will have one too. If they have two cupcakes - I will have two as well. It's a bad habit to have and I really need to break it. I also need to NOT have that in the house as I did for my birthday. I also need to get my sleep in order since I have been going to bed later and later each night that I'm off. Another day - another try. :)


Tiffany said...

I have this same problem. The go with the flow eating. It's like, "if so and so is doing it, then I can to". There's no validity to it, but I guess I use it as an excuse to eat.

Crystal said...

"Go with the flow" eating. That's a good way to describe it. I agree it's better to set your own goals/limits for eating than to do what everyone else is doing.