Saturday, July 4, 2009

My Birthday - cont!

Today was a day of leftovers (Thai, cobbler, ice cream), another celebration of dinner and the beginning of the funfetti "giant" cupcakes. Lets just say that it didn't go well. These past couple of days I have been eating like I ate before I started this venture. I have a feeling it won't end until the weekend ends. I don't know what it is about over-eaters or people with food problems - but it certainly sucks when it comes to the SAD (Standard American Diet) of eating out and desserts. I have been fairly active and have seen the outside of my home, but I'm sure it's not going to be enough for this upcoming weigh-in. Being healthy is truly a lifestyle and I need to figure out a way to coordinate it with celebrations and all aspects of life - not just my at work life.

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Crystal said...

I totally understand. It's easier to be healthy when you have and stick to a routine. When your schedule/environment changes, it's harder.